Reputation Management

What kind of a reputation do you have? We'll make sure you have the reputation you deserve...

Reputation Management

Tough Times

It's a fact, we're in a recession. But that doesn't mean your businesses has to be! Call us today to learn how to get more business than you can handle...

Las Vegas Businesses are down

Got Your Head in the Sand?

There are over 1,000,000 people searching for your business each month here in Vegas. You can only keep you head in the sand for so long... let us help you turn those 1 MILLION customers into your customers. Don't be like that guy? ----->

las vegas internet marketing

Local Las Vegas

Did you know: "82% of consumers use the internet before making a purchase." Are they finding you when they're ready to buy?

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Local Las Vegas Business

Local Las Vegas Retailer

Be like Brett, and let's 2X (DOUBLE) your business. Click to learn more...

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Las Vegas Internet and Local Retailer

Search Engine Optimization

Is your site #1 in Google Search Results? Blue Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization. It's the behind-the-scenes magic that makes your site show up as #1. Want to be #1? Click to "learn more"

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Search Engine Optimization

Las Vegas Small Business Marketing

Don't have a budget like the "Big Boys?" Don't worry about it, Blue can take care of you. Just click the "learn more" button...

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las vegas small business marketing

Las Vegas SEO

Are you overwhelmed with TOO MANY customers? If not, you should be... THOUSANDS of customers are searching for your business on the internet and they're not finding you. Blue Marketing is now giving complimentary Las Vegas SEO consultations. Click to "learn more" and see if you qualify...

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Las Vegas SEO

Las Vegas Top Marketing Firm

Las Vegas SEO & Marketing FirmBlue Marketing is a full service marketing firm founded in Las Vegas, NV.
We provide business marketing services for small and large businesses like yours. Click to learn more and schedule a consultation:

  • Market Leadership
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Business Marketing
  • Digital Publishing
  • Media Creation & Distribution

Call (702) 582 - 5838 orclick to find out more...

Lead Generation

Las Vegas Lead GenerationYou're in business to make money.
As you know, this means you need to have a steady flow of new clients and leads. Sure, we'll give you an overwhelming 'presence' on the web. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean squat unless you can convert those casual visitors into paying customers.
Lucky you... that's exactly what we specialize in.
We can also build your mailing list, both online and offline. This will essentially act as money-on-demand. Need some extra cash? We'll send out a promotion to your list and you'll see the results within days... perhaps even minutes. Click to find out more...

Google Maps & Local Listing

Las Vegas Lead GenerationThe Yellow Pages are dead. People, instead, search for businesses like yours using online search. If you're not getting ranked in the top spots on local map results, you're losing a TON of business. Within a few weeks, we'll have you ranked in the 'A' position of your market's map results. Click to find out more...

Social Media Marketing

Las Vegas Social Media ServiceFacebook and Twitter are not only the latest craze, but they're here to stay. Same goes for scores of other social media websites.This is an unprecedented and incredible opportunity for you to become friends with your potential customers, rather than, 'advertising' to them. We will setup, manage, find qualified, local friends, and post updates to your social media accounts. Click to find out more...

Press & News Domination

Press and News Marketing It's no secret that good press is more valuable than any marketing or advertising. When your a Las Vegas news celebrity, clients will see you as a trusted advisor rather than a salesperson. PR, when done correctly, can have an incredible branding effect for you and your company. Click to find out more...

YouTube & Video Marketing

Las Vegas Video Marketing YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine. Yep, more people look for more information on YouTube than on Yahoo, Bing, and all the others... combined. Not only that, but Google rewards you for having videos by favoring videos in their results. So, if you want to rank higher in the search engines AND develop immediate credibility and trust with prospective customers, video marketing is a can't-leave-out part of your marketing arsenal.
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