Nov 2

Press and News Domination

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There's no question News, Press, and PR are paramount for businesses of all sizes.  Blue Marketing will take your current situation and make it better…

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Nov 1

Social Media

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What's this whole social media thing about anyway?  What's this whole Facebook and Twitter thing about!  Check out this VID, it will put it in perspective for you…

Oct 10

Google Maps & Local Listings

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Google Maps and Verified Google Local Listings are paramount to any business.  Google just changed it's algorithm for local rankings and SEO now plays a factor.  There's never been a better time to separate yourself from the competition and show up as #1 when people are searching for your type of business!

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Call today and let us know how we can help you get started with your local customers…

Sep 25

List Building & Lead Generation

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Want more customers?  So does everyone else… Blue gives you more customers.  It's one thing to have a visitor on your website, and it's an entirely different thing to have a customer visit your website.  One buys your products and services and the other does NOT!  Blue sends you customers…

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Blue's proprietary solutions in lead generation will send you more customers – not just visitors!  After 10 years of lead generation, Blue has come to be recognized as one of the premier marketing firms for lead generation – not just in Las Vegas… World wide.  Blue provides lead generation services for companies around the globe.

Sep 15

Full Service Las Vegas Marketing Firm

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Blue is the Premier Full Service Marketing Firm of Las Vegas.  With over 10 years of experience, it is a reputation earned over time with consistent results day in and day out.  That is why our customers stay with us for life.  We take pride in this fact.  We are in the business of improving your business – we go to every length to ensure this is the case year after year.  Call us today, and let's get your business performing like never before!

Blue Marketing Firm 10 Years in Business

Aug 15

Blue Marketing Firm | Las Vegas SEO

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Blue Marketing provides premier services in Las Vegas SEO efforts to ensure your company is #1 in search engines.  For a limited time, Blue Marketing is providing discounted consultations to help promote local businesses in Las Vegas.  Call today to schedule your appointment and have a certified Blue Marketing Consultant come to your business and prepare a full marketing evaluation to help make your business through these tough years…

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Feb 14

How To Make A Proper WordPress Post

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We have a very specific way of making posts for clients on wordpress and we will cover each of these individually.

The layout that ends up being seen by the viewer is this:

1) Keyword rich headline

2) YouTube Video Embed

3) Link Back To Original YouTube Video

4) Article

5) Photo

6) Additional Resources

7) Summary

From a behind-the-scenes perspective, within WordPress, you will also need to:

1) Choose a proper category(ies) for the post

2) Schedule the post date, if necessary

4) Create an SEO description

3) Choose appropriate keywords in post tags and seo tags

4) Ensure an SEOPressor score of 85% or higher

So, here is a step-by-step guide to make all of that come together.

1) Write the post title. This should be the same as the title of the article you will post.

2) Post the YouTube Video

A) Grab the 'embed code' from youtube. Note the width, in pixels, and be sure it will fit on the client's website and look nice. The rule of thumb is as large as possible, but without breaking page formatting.

B) Click the 'source' button in wordpress and click paste.

C) Center the video by clicking on it and clicking the 'center' button. If this doesn't work, you can paste the video code into the position in the text below and paste the whole thing into your source code.

<p style="text-align: center;">VIDEOCODE</p>

D) Remove annotations from the video by adding the code: &iv_load_policy=3


<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen&iv_load_policy=3></iframe>

3) Make a link to the YouTube URL of the video using the main keyword.

A) Use this code:

<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="YOUTUBEURL">KEYPHRASE HERE</a></p>


<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="">Iguazu Falls</a></p>

4) Post the article. This should be the original version of the article, not a spun version. Format bullet points and numbered lists with bold and appropriate sentences with italics. Put the headline in a H1 or an H2 tag.

5) Add a photo to the article. Click the 'photo' icon, upload the photo, and be SURE you make the alt tag the same as the primary keyword we are optimizing for.

6) Make links to 3-5 relates posts.

In an H3 tag, make the header,

Posts Related To KEYWORD

And below it, find 3-5 links to other content pieces on the client's site that are related to the subject of the post. You can make a link by clicking on the chain symbol in wordpress and adding the URL. Be sure to make the anchor text the title of the article you are linking to… not the url.

7) Create a summary of the post

Take the last paragraph of the post and cut it out, then paste it below the related posts. We do this because we want the keyword in the last sentence of the content piece.

8) Choose an appropriate 'category' for the post.

9) Schedule the post, if necessary, by clicking the 'edit' button. You will need to schedule the post if you are posting multiple content pieces for a client and need to spread the posts out.

10) Make an SEO Description

Grab the 1st paragraph of the article and paste it into the All In One SEO Pack section of the article.

11) Choose appropriate keywords, based on the article, and put them BOTH into the post tags section AND the keywords section of All In One SEO Pack

12) Add the main keyword to the SEOPressor keyword field.

13) Achieve an 85% or better SEOPressor score. Click 'save draft' You will now get an SEOPressor score. Make any changes necessary to get a score of at least 85%. It will tell you what you need to do.

14) Review the post for errors. Click 'preview changes.' Look at the post and make any formatting changes that need to be made. Common problems are extra white space and strange font sizes.

Be SURE items 1-7 are displaying properly.

15) Publish post. When all looks good, click 'publish' or 'schedule post.'

Feb 13

Create A WordPress Post

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Video + Article on same post

Post article

SEO Pressor

Embed YouTube Video
Link to YT video below video itself

Add the code so that annotations don't show:


Related links

Feb 13

How To Optimize YouTube Videos

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How To Optimize YouTube Videos

This will training will show you how to optimize the video settings for a YouTube video to get maximum viewership.

1) Adjust video text settings

A. Login to client's account, click the user's name in the upper right. Click 'my videos.' This will bring up a list of the user's videos.

B. You'll see a list of the clients videos arranged by date. You will be optimizing the videos that have not yet been optimized.

C. For a single video, click the 'edit' button. You will first change the text in the description.

     i. Add to the video description the following text:

          TWITTERDOMAIN.COM to follow us on twitter
 to fan us on facebook

     Clearly, you must change the domains to be appropriate to the client.

     ii. Next, do a google search for the keyword that's in the title of the video. It should also be the 1st keyword listed in the 'tags' section.

          a. Copy ALL the text that shows up in the search results.

          b. Paste those results into a text editor. Remove ALL text formatting (make it plain text… no bolds, colors, html, etc. This should take 1 second with a button.)

          c. Delete ALL: names, companies, website URLs, dates, cities, and text related to google like 'cached' and 'similar.' There should not be ANY information that points to a website, company, or name!

          d. You will now have a block of text that is keyword rich. It won't make sense, but it has very relevant keywords. Paste this below the facebook and twitter ads above.

2. Adjust Other Video Settings

     i. First, choose the most exciting, appealing, or welcoming thumbnail available. Whatever is the most provocative image is the one you should choose.

     ii. Click the 'video responses' tab and change the settings to 'Yes, allow video responses to be added automatically,'

     iii. Give the video a location. This will usually be the address of the company, however, it could vary.

     iv. Click save changes.

3. Add annotations

Click the 'annotations' tab

You are going to add 4 total annotations to each video. Add a 'note' and add this text. You may be given different annotations to replace these.

First, add this text note at the beginning of the video:

Visit Our Website By Clicking The Link In The Description Below!

Make this annotation start 5 seconds into the video and it should last for 5-7 seconds. It doesn't need to be exact. Make the background color red, the text white, and font size 36, or as large as possible. Stretch the annotaton across the whole video and put it at the very bottom of the video.

Next, 1/3 through the video, add a 'text bubble.'

Be sure to comment and post a video response

Make this annotation start 1/3 through the video and it should last for 5-7 seconds. It doesn't need to be exact. Make the background color blue, the text white, and font size 15. Put it at the top of the video with the comment direction going down, towards the video.

Next, 2/3 through the video, add a 'note.'

Click 'Like' or subscribe to get more videos!

Make this annotation start 2/3 through the video and it should last for 5-7 seconds. It doesn't need to be exact. Make the background color yellow, the text black, and font size 15. Put it in the bottom left hand corner of the video so that it's closest to the 'like' button.

Finally, on the end of the video, add a 'title.'

Come Visit

Make this annotation start on the last 5-7 seconds of the video. It doesn't need to be exact. Make the background color white, the text black, and font size as large as possible. Put it at the very bottom of the video. You'll replace with the client's domain.

For an example, please see:

4. Make a video response

     i. Do a search on YouTube for the keyword of the video

     ii. Click 'search options' then click sort by 'view count.'

     iii. Click on videos that are relevant and with a high view count. Do the following

          a. Click on the 'comment' box. You will see an option to the right to 'post a video response.' Click that.

          b. Choose the video that you are working on and click 'use the selected video.'

          c. If you see a green button that says, 'your video has been posted,' you are done.

          d. If you see a green button with text below it that says, 'your video must be approved by the owner of the video,' go back to the search results, and continue down the list until you find a video that has automatic approval.

You will need to check in each month to be sure that the video thumbnails are still showing on the videos that they are posted as a response to. If there have been other video responses, the thumbnail will not be visible and the traffic will not be generated. Therefore, if the video isn’t showing it’s thumbnail, you need to post the video as a response to a new video.

Feb 10

How To Comment On Blogs For Backlinks

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Follow the below instructions to create backlinks on relevant blogs

** The video will give you a general overview, but the TEXT is the most up-to-date instructions to be followed! Do what the text says, get an idea of what to do from the video.


General Task Information:

This task is to be completed once per week and you are to write at least 30 blog posts in order to complete the task. Ideally, you'll complete 50-60 blog posts. Do not stop simply because you've reached 30 blog posts with backlinks. Stop once you've commented on all of the blogs that have stories/posts that are relevant and have been posted in the past 1 week.

Estimated time: 100 blog posts: 2.5 hours. 30 blog posts: 45 minutes


Step 1: Open Google Reader

login to the client's account using the details you've been provided


Step 2: Find relevant blog posts


IMPORTANT: You have been provided with several dozen blogs that are high quality and allow backlinking. This is EXTREMELY sensitive and we are NOT spamming these blogs. We are writing useful, interesting, and relevant commentary on the posts.

A) Click on 'All Items'

B) Read the headlines that have been posted since the last time you logged in. There should be a STAR marker that you left for yourself, which was the last post you opened 1 week ago. See below. Doesn't apply for 1st time commenting.

C) Open, in a new tab for each post (ctrl+click windows, cmmd+click mac), the posts that are relevant to the subject. These can be broadly related, so if you are writing comments for a 'san francisco dentist' keyword, you can open any blog posts about 'teeth,' 'toothpaste,' 'gums,' 'whitening,' 'cavities,' etc. You will need to open 30+ posts in order to make 30+ backlinks. Remember, open ALL that are relevant.


Step 3: Comment on relevant posts


A) Click, one-by-one on each tab and skim the post. Do NOT make a comment without understanding what the post is about. You MUST make your comments relevant, otherwise they will be deleted or marked as spam. Think of something interesting, funny, or relevant to say. You can be controversial, but NOT in any way that will offend someone.

B) Write your comment.

C) Make a backlink along with the comment. There are 3 ways to make a link. Here they are in order of priority:

Note: you can generally how blogs will allow comments when you look at the other comments left by users. You can see if there is HTML in the comments themselves as well as if some of the names are hyperlinked.


Backlink Method #1: Fill out the 'Name' 'Email' and 'Website' information that's asked for.

This is by far the easiest and best way to leave comments.

NAME FIELD: This is very important. We want to make the keywords relevant, but we can't be spammy. Therefore, you are going to combine the keyword with the name of the company face.

For example. if you're backlinking for 'youth motivational speaker' and the name of the company face is 'john,' you would make the name of the commenter:

Motivational Speaker John – or – John The Youth Speaker – or – Speaker John Jones – or – John – Motivational Youth Speaker

EMAIL FIELD: Make this the same email address that you use for google reader.

Website field: Typically, you will backlink the primary domain name. Your account manager will tell you if you are to backlink a different URL.

IMPORTANT: Be SURE to include http:// in the domain. Posting will not hyperlink. You must post it as or

When you enter the details like this, it will hyperlink 'motivational speaker john' as the URL, giving us a backlink with a good pagerank and good anchor text.

Backlink Method #2: Alternate Account Options

Some blogs are setup to have 'login usernames' or 'post as' buttons. Here are common scenarios and how to deal with them:

i) sign up for an account on the blog so that you can make comments

ii) sign in to make a comment using name/URL/email

iii) sign up for an OpenID account and make a comment with it. Note: for this, put HTML in the comment. See step v)

iv) on 'Blogger' blogs, you'll be able to leave a URL on their specific commenting pages


Backlink Method #3: Put HTML in the comment box

When the above two aren't possible, you can enter html and see if that will hyperlink. The way this is done is by writing

<a href="">KEYWORDPHRASE</a>

you must replace DOMAINNAME and KEYWORDPHRASE, of course. In that whole string, only KEYWORDPHRASE will appear, but it will be linked to DOMAIN

So, as an example of a comment, you would say something intelligent about the post, and incorporate that html so it flows smoothly, like this

"I loved what you said about how potatoes are the healthiest food in the world, although they are rather starchy. Your <a href=">tips for potato farming</a> are top notch, and you're exactly right about how important it is to use the right fertilizer."

That will make a link to but the anchor text will be 'tips for potato farming' which was one of our keywords.


STEP 4: Ping every blog post you make

After EACH comment you make, ping the post.

a) Go to

b) Enter the URL and title of the page you just commented on.You don't need to enter the xml feed.

c) Click the 'general' button to select all of those services. You don't need foreign language or specialized services.

d) Click submit.

* If tells you you've pinged too many posts, you may move on to use and then


This is to be done for every single blog comment that you make. This way, the search engines know to come and look at the comment and count the backlink you've made.

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