What is Search Engine Optimization?

Have you ever wondered how people are making money on the Internet with the help of Search Engine Optimization? Surely you have seen the advertisements that often claim that there are untold riches to be had from marketing on the Internet. You have probably asked yourself how it is done, because there must be something to it if so many people are doing it. The marketing gurus all claim they have the secrets that can burst your bank account at the seams, but the simple truth is, hard work, a few well hidden industry secrets and more hard work are the answer to making money on the Internet. One of the industry secrets is the ability to use Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, correctly in order to have your ads picked up by the search engines. Read on to find out just how important Search Engine Optimization is in the advertising world of the Internet.


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Two Factors of Search Engine Optimization

Two factors that one needs to know and understand when using Search Engine Optimization are on-site SEO and off-site SEO. These elements work in concert to help your ads rank with the search engines, and more importantly, sustain a position in the top rankings. 

On-Site Search Engine Optimization 

When you manually optimize all the pages of your website to include the title tags, keywords that you use all the way to how your site map looks and the overall internal structure of the web page is created, you are doing the work directly on your websites and the whole process is under your full control, you are doing on-site SEO.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization 

When using off-site Search Engine Optimization  the focus is on building back links that work every time to direct traffic to your website. The more back links to your site, the more traffic you get. You want to be sure to use superior, pertinent websites to ensure that the traffic visiting your website will decide you are the "go-to authority" for your particular subject or product. This also gives your website more ranking with the search engines. 

Industry Secrets

Imagine billions of little robots crawling all over the Internet looking for information. That is exactly what search engines are, little robots called spiders, whose only job is to find information. The title tag of your website is what grabs these little spiders' attention. If you include you keyword in the title tag the spiders will love you because you make their work easier, and when they report back to the search engine they report how user friendly your site is and how relevant the site is. In order to rank for different terms rather than just one word, use a different title tag on every page you create.


Another industry secret is to use your header tags inside the website content. This will highlight text that is important and ensures that the spider will pay particular attention to that text. By setting this text in bullets, headlines or numbered formats, you will emphasize the important information contained in your website. 


The next industry secret is to build a site map on your web pages. This enables visitors and spiders to navigate through your categories and the pages on the site. There are free services that can help make this an easy endeavor. Try http colon (the symbol two stacked dots) forward slash forward slash XML-Sitemaps dot com for one of the free services that assist you to build a site map. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to search engine optimization, but this is all the room we have for now.  Look into search engine optimization and the basics to educate yourself on the little secrets that the industry gurus don't want you to know. Or, you can always give us a call, and we'll come lay everything out for your marketing plan for an effective internet marketing strategy.   And Yes, we'll include everything you need to get your site going with all the search engine optimization tactics.

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